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Want To Win Your Next Chess Endgames?

Here you will find all you need to Boost Your Endgame Skills.
Learn to play endgames better with 1000s of puzzles 1000s of Interactive Chess Endgame Puzzles.
32-round endgame challenge to better understand chess endings Awesome 32-Round Endgame Challenge.
Mate in 2, 3 and 4 endgame problems for better tactics and strategy Amusing Mate in 2, 3 and 4 Endgame Problems.
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chess endgame tactics and puzzles for children, kids and grown ups Signup to play chess against computer
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Here is an overview of the games available.
Quick tour demonstrating how you get better at chess endings with
Discover all the games available on
Get a quick tour of here.
Practise endgames of all kinds
Play Non-stop rated and unrated endgames against computer
Play rated and unrated endgames in Non-Stop Endgames.
Get feedback on your moves and improve your endgame tactics
Improve your endgame techniques in The Endgame Tactics Trainer.
Use your endgame tactics in this fine endgame challenge
Fight your way through 32 rounds of fun in The Endgame Challenge.
Play the endgames of Bobby Fischer, Emanuel Lasker, Paul Morphy and many others
Meet Bobby Fischer and other great grandmasters in Battle Star.
Practise endgames with mate in 2-7 moves
The queen has been captured by the dragon of chess. Help the king rescue her in these 50 chess endings
Save the Queen from the feared dragon in 50 great endgames.
Set mate in 2, 3 and 4 moves against computer
Practise your tactical skills with Mate in 2, 3 and 4 moves.
Other ways to practise chess endgames
Alternative chess endgames played against the computer
Drop it! Endgames - the alternative way to play endgames.
Browse and play archived daily published endgames
Puzzle of the Day Archive - great puzzles from the archives.
Create your own endgames and play them against computerCreate, play and share your own endgames with My Endgames.
Track your progress
Monitor your progress and see how good you have becomeTrack your endgame progress in My Progress
Track your progress
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