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How is the rating calculated?
The rating system is based on ELO but adjusted to measure your endgame skills. When a game has been played, the final rating is determined by factors such as game difficulty, initial material inbalance and game repetition.
How can my games get rated?
Endgames played in 'Non-Stop Endgames' (accessible from the 'Play' menu) may be rated if you choose 'Auto Select Games'. To turn on rating, set a check mark in the box next to the displayed rating.
What are the ranges of the rating?
The rating cannot fall below 1000. In the other end of the scale, you will currently not be able to pass 2825.
When will the difficulty of the endgames increase?
The endgames come in three difficulties being easy, medium and hard. When you reach a rating of 1400 you will switch from easy to medium difficulty. The difficulty will switch to hard when you pass a rating of 2000.
I switched on rating. Why isn't my current game being rated?
If you switch on rating while you are playing an endgame puzzle, rating will not apply until you start a new endgame.
I switched off rating. Why did my current game get rated?
If you switch off rating while you are playing an endgame puzzle, rating will still apply for the current endgame puzzle.
What happened to the Hint and Undo buttons?
The Hint and Undo buttons are only available for Premium users when playing rated games.
Which restrictions apply when I play rated games?
There are two restrictions; You have a maximum of 50 moves and not more than 300 seconds(5 minutes) to solve each endgame.
I exited a rated game in progress and lost rating. Why?
If you exit a rated game in progress, by navigating to a different webpage, the game is considered lost, and your rating is adjusted accordingly.


I see a grade in my profile view. What is that?
Based on your rating from Non-Stop Endgames, score in The Endgame Challenge, number of passed crowns in Save the Queen and collected coins in Battle Star you receive a grade. The following grades exist:
  • Beginner
  • Aspirant
  • Novice
  • Expert
  • Master
  • GM (Grandmaster)
You can always find your grade in the Grade Progress Bar located in the top right of the screen. You may also see your grade when you view your profile.

Game interface

The chess pieces on the board are stuck. What's wrong?
The game interface may collide with some browser plugins/extensions. If you experience this problem either try to disable the plugins/extensions or use a different browser.
Can I play on tablets and smartphones?
It is recommended to play only on regular computers, as the website has not been thoroughly tested on tablets and smartphones.

Game history

Where can I find my game history?
You can see you game history, when you view your profile.
What can I see in the game history?
In the game history you see the 25 most recent games played as rated games (in Non-Stop Endgames) or played in The Endgame Challenge. Only games played after July 26th 2013 are shown.
Looking at a game in the game history, it says that the game is won, but I don't see a mate?
If you have already demonstrated, that you can set mate with a Queen+King/Rook+King against a lonely king, all future games are considered won when such a position is reached. Thus, you may not see all the steps to mate in the history.


How can I upgrade to Premium?
You will find all the info you need about a Premium upgrade by going here.
I don't have a credit card or don't like to order online. Is there another way to pay?
Currently Paypal is the only way to upgrade to Premium.
Where can I get information about my Premium upgrade purchase?
Please click here (you must be logged in) for information about your Premium upgrade purchase. You can also access this from the top right menu (choose 'Premium Info').

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